Watching, Reading, Doing

WatchingIndian Matchmaking on Netflix. I have mixed feelings about the cultural implications of the show, BUT … this was a satisfying, entertaining follow up to Netflix’s Dating Around. I loved both for the depth, layers, and variety they revealed about the people filmed. With the pandemic, its ensuing isolation, and the coming presidential election, the world feels unfriendly and divided to me. But I think Indian Matchmaking resonates because of the complexity and contradictions we see in the people being filmed; when you can see a little bit of yourself in the Dungeons and Dragons guy or the giggly 30-something, it lessens the distance some between me and … everyone else.

Also watching – Season 3 of West World and the weekly installments of HBO’s Perry Mason.

Also (secretly) watching – All the homeschool videos on Youtube. The planner in me needs our Plan B in place in case distance learning 2.0 is as anemic as it was the first go-round.

ReadingThe New Corner Office by Laura Vanderkam. Look, I’ll read whatever this woman writes. I love her books on time management; had I read her book, 168 hours: You have more time than you think before I had my second child, there’s a good chance I would have stayed working full time (and avoided a string of low-rent, soul-crushing part-time jobs that followed).

Doing – I spent a few days last week setting up a homeschool room for the coming distance learning school year. I cobbled the setup together with existing furniture, so nothing happening in there is Pinterest-worthy. Nonetheless, we’ve done a few test drives and I’m pleased with the workability of the results.

That’s an old ottoman (filled with stuffed animals) we’re using for a seat at the table. The command hook head phone storage has turned out be one of the more useful parts of the whole room.

I nearly didn’t add that old Ikea work table since it makes the room a little tight, but turns out that’s been a key part of the whole room. While I’m teaching one at the big desk, the other does independent work at their individual desk, and then we swap. So far, so good.

They mostly use that gray ottoman as a reading spot, though it’s also their stepping stool to reach the my-height-positioned wipe-off board.
Our “homeschool room” is technically the playroom, so the closet needed to accommodate toy storage along with learning materials. I have mixed feelings about that over-the-door organizer … great use of space, but we probably would have gotten the same organizational benefit from a basket of those toys all mixed together.

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