Chronic complainers and creativity naysayers

Haters gonna hate.

Wanted to shove some thoughts out into the universe:

  • Friend wrote a sci-fi book and you don’t like sci-fi? There is one and only one proper response: “What an accomplishment, wow.” Your dislike of sci-fi is not the star of this conversation and if you choose to make it the star, then you’ve just become the ass of the conversation as well.
  • The world and the people in it are deeply flawed; we can either sit here and talk about that ad nauseam, or selectively discuss those flaws but move on to more productive ground asap. The first approach? That just makes you (1) depressed or (2) a jerk or (3) both.
  • The world is not against you. The level of narcissism it takes to hold this belief is staggering. Are you white? Are you white and privileged? Are you white and don’t even see your privilege? This especially applies to you.

My dad once told me that, in his family, it was the effort that was celebrated. The trying to do something was what mattered. AMEN. Trying takes courage. Vulnerability is the price for creating and putting your creation out there.

The people who sit back, consume, create nothing, and criticize everything? Move along, nothing to see here.

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